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Swimming Pool Service Tips


Swimming Pool Service Tips Here are 10 Swimming Pool Service Tips that you should do on a weekly basis to make sure your swimming pool is in tip top shape this summer. Whether or not you’ve just moved into your home or you’ve been a proud owner for years. 1. Skimming Skimming the leaves off of the surface of the water […]

6 awesome swimming pools bertino pool service


6 Awesome Swimming Pools Bertino Pool Service Happy Monday and what better way to start it off then 6 Awesome Swimming Pools Bertino Pool Service! Below is a list of awesome pools we found on google from around the world. We love doing pools and we have a great respect for other awesome companies around the world. This […]

Environmental Dangers of Undrained Swimming Pools

Environmental Dangers of Undrained Swimming Pools Posted on August 11, 2015 by Joel Bertino   11AUG Environmental Dangers of Undrained Swimming Pools Swimming pools service once stood for a sign of wealth and good standing in the community. Swimming pools are an expensive investments and require a lot of weekly maintenance to keep up with. So when the housing market started to decline […]