Environmental Dangers of Undrained Swimming Pools

Environmental Dangers of Undrained Swimming Pools


Environmental Dangers of Undrained Swimming Pools

Swimming pools service once stood for a sign of wealth and good standing in the community. Swimming pools are an expensive investments and require a lot of weekly maintenance to keep up with. So when the housing market started to decline and people abandoned their houses, the amount of stagnant swimming pools began to skyrocket. In Las Vegas, between 2010-2012, there were more than 350 undrained swimming pools. The county, on average, drains 5 pools a week, showing us that these once fun-filled structures are posing a serious problem when left in disarray.

So why would a pool with a little bit of water in it be such a problem? Well, standing water provides the ideal breeding ground for a multitude of different dangerous (and annoying) bugs. Mosquitoes are the main worry, along with dangerous bacterias. Even a little bit of water in a pool is enough for a couple mosquitoes to lay eggs, which in as little as 7 days, can hatch a swarm. Many swimming pools end up being drained because of neighbor complaints stemming from the incredible increase of mosquito activity in their area.

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Not all swimming pools are just neglected by their owners, although there is a large amount of landlords and homeowners that dont feel compelled to care for their pools. Rain can fill it up enough to breed thousands if not millions of mosquito larvae that could potentially be carrying deadly diseases like malaria, West Nile Virus, and Dengue fever. These pests even prove to be harmful to animals, transmitting tapeworms as well as heart worms to cats, dogs, horses, cows, and other creatures. Both humans and animals alike can be harmed by a standing water pools. Even without the worry of mosquito larvae, pets are still at a huge risk. Algae and bacteria can cause them to get sick.

Its fairly easy to avoid the detrimental effects of a stagnant pool. The simplest? Keep up with pool maintanence. Filters should be changed constantly and the chemicals correctly balanced. Pay attention to the movement of the water and make sure that it rarely stands still. The color of the pool should always be blue, not with any hint of green. When the pool isnt being used, cover it with a tarp or a pool cover. Just be sure that the tarp doesnt hold water or you could still potentially have a bug problem. If you decide that you not longer want to use your pool, dont just let it sit there. Drain the pool of all of the water and cover it to make sure that no more water can get in to the structure and sit. There is even an option of filling in the former pool with sand. This is a sure way to keep the water (and bugs) away. Completely eradicate the pool, fill it in with concrete, have a gazebo built over it, or build it in to a patio.

Keep your backyard in tip top shape with regular swimming pool maintenance

By not keeping up with regular pool maintenance, people not only put themselves in danger if they live in the house with the pool but their neighbors as well. Pets can be in danger as well. Its so important to keep your pool clean and bug/algae/bacteria free. When youre not using it, cover it. If you move, drain it. If you cant handle the upkeep, you definitely shouldnt have a pool. No one wants tons of mosquitoes buzzing around, right??

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