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Pool Care Tips By Bertino Pool Service

To keep your swimming pool water sparkling clean all summer long, there are a couple of basic pool care maintenance steps required to get the job done right. These are the ins and outs of Pool Care tips be Bertino Pool Service in Upland, Ca. We will start with a quick list to get you going this summer:

Pump Circulation: The Heart Of Swimming Pool Care

The center of the circulation system is the pump. It is essential for proper pool care in the summer months. It moves water from the pool and sends it through the filter for removal of any dirt and scraps before releasing it back in to the pool.

How long do you have to run your pump? Piping size, pool size, swimming pool use and also the actual pump size all play a crucial role in how long you ought to run your pump. For the correct time contact Bertino Pool Service today and we will gladly walk you through it. We will verify, based mostly upon your specific pool, the correct hours of time needed to keep your pool clear and clean. An honest rule of thumb is to run your pump about one hour for each 10º of temperature. If your pump isnt running, the water from your pool isnt being properly circulated or filtered.

Swimming Pool Filtration System

bertino-pool-service-upland-ca6The job of the filtration system is to get rid of any old dirt and scrap from the pool water. The skimmer basket and also the hair and lint basket within the pump all play a job within the filtering of the pool water, the first part of the system is that the filter itself. If you backwash sand or debris, the filter cannot reach its cleanup potential and youre wasting water. Most filters need backwashing once the gauge rises 8-10 psi. Consult the professionals at Bertino Pools to ask questions about your family’s skimmer and pump basket to keep your pool clean. You can also consult your owner’s manual for specifics associated with the brand of filter you have.

Filter varieties

  1. Sand Filters – Sand filters work well by “backwashing” or reversing the water flow. The filter ought to be backwashed once the gauge indicates a 7-10 lbs. increase in operational pressure. This reading is often the pressure indicated on the gauge once the filter is totally clean. Sand filters ought to be cleaned a minimum of each season with a filter cleaner.
  1. Cartridge Filters – Dirt has to be off from a cartridge filter once the gauge indicates a rise of 7-10 lbs, just like sand filters. This can take away all oils and greases imbedded within the filter part. When soaking the cartridge, take away the cartridges and rinse completely with water. Peak filter potency is achieved if you completely dry the filter elements before reinstalling within the filter. To avoid any “down time” for the circulation or filtration systems, its wise to get a second set of cartridge parts if your main set gets to dirty.
  1. Diatomaceous Earth Filters Like sand, these filters are cleaned by backwashing the filter once pressure will increase 7-10 lbs. However, once the filter has been backwashed, you should be clean the grids within the filter. This is often accomplished by gushing cleaning the skimmer. To get rid of oils and different natural oil build-up, you will need to thoroughly clean them each. Also, a minimum of once a year you will need to disassemble and clean completely.

Swimming Pool Care By Bertino Pools in Upland Ca

Swimming Pool Care By Bertino Pools in Upland Ca

Testing Your Pool

Testing your pool 2-3 times every week throughout the summer and once every week throughout the winter is vital to take care of adequate water balance and sanitizer levels and to insure swimmer comfort.

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Calcium Hardness

Calcium Hardness is that the quantity of dissolved CA within the pool water. Low CA hardness levels will cause plaster end etching and shorten the lifetime of vinyl liners. High CA levels may result in CA deposits on the pool surfaces in addition as instrumentation. Bertino Pool Service in Upland, CA will advise you of the simplest methodology for treating your pool if you encounter calcium hardness. If tests indicate that you simply have very high Calcium levels in your pool, take a sample of the water and tell us the readings.

Total pH scale

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To prevent the hydrogen ion concentration variable up and down, the correct quantity of acid buffers, or total pH scale, should be maintained within the pool. The pool ought to be tested weekly with a complete pH scale of one 20-150 ppm (parts per million) maintained. High pH levels can also cause the hydrogen ion concentration to fluctuate in addition as cause cloudy pool. To lower the pH, follow the directions from your swimming pool professionals

Swimming Pool Shock Treatment

Shocking the pool once in a while is a very important part to keep the pool clear and clean. Swimmers and your pools surroundings add waste to the pool that has to be eliminated on a weekly pool service schedule.

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